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CoDe Rooms

Is it possible to do business while lying on the beach of a tropical island or while climbing the slopes of the Himalayas?".

This was the question that haunted my days, when at the age of 35 I was working as a branch manager in a bank and I counted the days and hours that separated me from the next trip.

I'm Gerardina De Prisco, born in 1980, degree in economics of financial markets . I have behind Masters and internships abroad that allowed me to get a good job and an enviable career remaining in my beloved Campania .

I've been living for 10 years with Felice Covucci, who worked for a software company in the automotive sector and with him I have always shared dreams, hopes and above all an inexorable passion for travel.

Our life was perfect and on paper we had it all, but that there still was not enough. Inside of us we felt that in life there is something more than working always looking forward for the next holidays. For a long time we were looking for the right solution that would have allowed us to travel and at the same time create a project of our own.

CoDe Rooms

The breakthrough came in 2016 when, after a careful analysis of our finances, we decided to open our activity dealing with tourism and Florence seemed to us the best choice thanks to its beauty and the incessant tourist flow recorded throughout all the year.

The distance shouldn’t have been a problem and so we decided to start our business thanks to a new way of doing tourism that we have observed and appreciated so much abroad.

The rules are simple: during the booking our guests receive an email with access code. This allows them to enter the room they have chosen only typing the number that our system sends their mobile phone. This last one is enabled to open the main door with a simple call.

In addition to the satisfaction of being almost the first who brought this way to host in Italy that facilitates tourist reception, we think that our guests are more than satisfied with the service we offer and our assistance, which, being digital, takes place in the most discreet way : we are always ready to offer useful suggestions on what to do, where to eat and what to visit , all via chat!

CoDe Rooms

Thanks to ours modern system, we manage the structure remotely , supporting guests from our home, in the province of Salerno , or even from the sunny beaches of Antigua, from a sushi bar in the center of New York or from a restaurant in Beijing!

As well as technological, we tried to make our place even cool, furnishing it with taste and design.

After 1 year we manage a fully automated accommodation in full "millennial style" that we manage from everywhere. We didn’t give up traveling and this is the best way to bring always new ideas in our offer.

CoDe Rooms

Today the goal is to develop our CoDe brand, aimed at smart, technological and social travelers but above all to bring an innovative model of hospitality first in Italy and then abroad, and maybe to help those who, like us, want to develop this new way to do tourism.

After all for us, the frontiers are made to be overcome and explored!

If you are interested in having other info please contact us at: mycoderooms@gmail.com

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