5 good reasons to visit Florence in the fall

Autumn has finally started and what better place to enjoy it if not

Florence? With its colors and fairytale scenery, the capital of the Renaissance will surely know how to do justice to one of the most romantic and suggestive session of the year.

If you are not yet convinced, here are 5 good reasons to visit the city

during the autumn season.

1. In autumn the city takes on a mix of passionate and sunny colors,

definitely brighter, such as the red of the leaves of the

Lungarno trees and breathtaking sunsets seen from Piazzale

Michelangelo, the terrace of Florence; the yellow of the sun that illuminates and make the Tuscan capital shine in the magnificent mornings of October; the green parks and meadows where you can lie down and find refreshment during unforgettable walks among the monuments, without liquefying because of the hot weather; the blue of the sky that during this season takes notes more intense.

2. The mild climate: visiting Florence between September and November has remarkable climatic advantages. In this season the temperatures

range between 25 and 15 degrees, making it ideal to walk in

nature or make guided visits between museums and monuments without to many efforts or worries. You don’t hav to worry to much for clothes tu put

in the suitcase, the solution is very simple: the advice is to dress in layers

with jeans, t-shirt, sweater and trench coat. To be safer, in case

Be cold, pack a few more hot items in your suitcase, maybe to

wear in the evening.

3. Savings: in the autumn it is known that the prices of hotels, accommodation are more accessible, without counting the numerous

events that are promoted throughout the season. Also regarding the cultural offer, if you are lucky it is possible access the main museums at reduced prices.

But let's not forget shopping! Going through the shops, if it

happens to see in the window "Sale", take advantage and enter to give a look: you will be able to buy designer clothes or masterpieces

Of Italian craftsmanship saving from 20% to 80% on original prices!

4. Stay away from the crowds to fully enjoy the city and locals. Compared to the hottest periods, during this season you will find

certainly less people, this means reduced lines to enter the

museums! Even the streets of the center will be less crowded and

this will give you the opportunity to enjoy the city in all of his

splendor with calm and serenity.

5. It is harvest time: grapes, olives, truffles and chestnuts will not be lacking

on your table. After the harvest it is possible to taste fabulous

wines and new oils, still very young, but certainly very pleasant

for the palate. Also truffles and mushrooms will be very fresh so do not

forget to order them at the restaurant.

Don’t forget as well the most famous street food in Italy: roasted chestnuts! At every corner you will find kiosks that produce them continuously, very warm and delicious, a true joy for the palate.

What are you waiting for yet? Run to book your autumn vacation

in Florence (buy now)and, even if you are out holiday days, you can take advantage of a simple weekend (article link "visit Florence in 48 hours),

fun and unforgettable days will certainly be assured!

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