10 things to taste in Florence

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Eating in Florence is among the most wonderful experiences you can do in life. Traditional cuisine is succulent and tasty, and when

you will go to a restaurant, surely you will not regret having ordered at least one of these 10 typical Florentine delicacies, to enjoy absolutely!

Bistecca alla fiorentina

1. The florentine steak.

Now famous throughout the world, this cut of meat, at least

4 fingers high, is the flagship of Florentine cuisine. It's the cut of a special kind of beef named Chianina more prized and tender. This steak is served cooked on the outside and raw inside, to enhance his flavor every bite. It should not be seasoned while cooking but only after, with salt, pepper and a thread of the notorious Tuscan oil. To enhance its taste, it goes accompanied by a glass of red wine (a

Chianti would be ideal!). Eating the Florentine steak will be

an unforgettable experience!

Average cost: € 40-50 per kg

2. The ribollita.

Literally, as the name refers, boiled twice, this dish is

pillar of Tuscan culinary culture. The bean soup advanced from

the day before is baked in the oven with the addition of onions and then served to the guests heated and with the addition of other onions and raw oil:

simply unsurpassed!

Average cost: € 5

3. The pappa al pomodoro.

So popular as to be Gianburrasca's favorite dish, hero

of Italian literature for children, pappa al pomodoro is a

healthy and nutritious food, loved by adults and children. Her

base is stale peasant bread, olive oil, garlic, sage, basil,

salt, black pepper and tomatoes: an absolute delight for the palate and the


Average cost: 7 €

Zuppa di farro

4. Spelled soup.

Being one of the famous dishes of the peasant tradition, it is very boiled spelled in a vegetable broth with added salt, pepper, onion, carrots, celery, all seasoned with crusher oil and

toast. Once you have tasted the spelled soup, you will not get any more without!

Average cost: € 6

Farinata di cavolo nero

5. Farinata with black cabbage.

The black cabbage is the most prized vegetable food of the northern Italy cuisine. Used usually in soups or as a side dish, to taste it in the farinata (pizza flour diluted, cooked in water or broth) is the best way to enhance it. Based on cornmeal, black cabbage, onions, spicy pepper, tomato paste and the inevitable

oil, is one of the most appreciated comfort food. Winter is the best period to consume this dish that warm up heart and

body in the colder evenings.

Average cost: € 9


6. Trippa.

Among the most famous dishes of traditional Italian cuisine, it has to eaten strictly hot. It is made by pork offal cooked with

simple ingredients such as: oil, butter, celery, carrots, onions,

white wine, Parmigiano Reggiano, garlic, pepper, tomatoes and bay leaves.

With a simple and decisive flavor, tripe is definitely among the foods

more appreciated by the Tuscans.

Average cost: € 10

Stracotto alla fiorentina

7. Stracotto alla fiorentina.

As the name suggests, the stew must cook very slowly. It is a traditional dish that requires a long time of preparation, but that will make you discover all the typical flavors of Italy.

The ingredients are: beef, tomatoes, garlic, carrots,

onions, celery, sage, rosemary, red wine, salt, pepper and oil

Olive. The final result is really worth waiting times!

Average cost: € 15

Schiacciata fiorentina

8. Schiacciata fiorentina.

Although it is a typical carnival dessert, it is so delicious that it is eaten throughout the year! Alone or stuffed with chantilly cream or

whipped cream, it is a simple and fragrant Tuscan dessert. There

Florentine schiacciata is made with eggs, sugar, flour, oranges,

milk, yeast, olive oil and vanilla and is a soft and delicate cake,

ideal as a snack or after a meal.

Average cost: € 15 empty, € 24 filled


9. Cantucci

Every meal in Florence must have its worthy conclusion with the

more traditional among desserts: cantucci dipped in Vin Santo, a typical sweet wine perfect for dessert.

Cantucci are dry biscuits with almonds born in the nearby city of Prato, and for this reason known also with the name of Prato biscuits. They are among the most popular and the most popular

known in the world, famous for the simplicity of the ingredients and the unsurpassable taste, a true delicacy.

Average cost: € 24 per kg

Street food

10. Street food.

Florentine street food is absolutely legendary and mostly

consisting of sandwiches or crushed (thin focaccia, cooked in the oven). Among the most famous there is surely Lampredotto, a stuffed sandwich of Bomaso, one of the 4 stomachs of the bovine, tomato, onion, and celery parsley. Another very popular sandwich is the one seasoned with the Finocchiona, the typical Florentine salami, or filled with salami and

cheeses, typical of a territory that has based a large slice of his

economy on the preparation of suppressed and hams. Street food it is the ideal lunch for those who do not want to stop even for one moment the visit to the wonders of the city.

Average cost: from € 3.50 to € 10

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